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If you are a knitter or crocheter, you will no doubt have heard about the controversial new design of the Ravelry website. For many dedicated and enthusiastic users of Ravelry, the site has become unusable, and so in solidarity with the crafters who are unable to buy patterns from Ravelry any longer, I am making my patterns available as downloadable PDFs in the Payhip Granary Knits Shop.

2 thoughts on “New in store – Knitting Patterns

  1. Do you make row counter markers? I love your stitch markers – completely no snag!
    I’m looking for numbered 1-10 individual row markers. I have some, but they have used thin wire on the bead decoration and it keeps catching my yarn, which is very annoying. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Pat, Thank you very much for your enquiry, and I’m sorry it has taken me a while to reply! I have a row counter marker under development at the moment, but I’m not sure it is what you mean – it is one of those tumbler row counters with added beads and ring so that it can be used as a round counter in circular knitting. The numbered beads that I have seen have not been very good quality so I have been hesitant to offer them as a product. The trouble with beads and jump rings/wire, is that the holes in beads are quite deep and straight, and the curve in jump rings makes it impossible to get them through the bead hole, hence people use wire which then has the snagging problem where the inevitable loop has to be created. If you would like to send me a photo, to, I’ll see if there is anything I can suggest to improve the ones you have. Possible a dab of solder on the snagging place might solve the problem, or replacing the wire with something thicker. With best wishes, Sue

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