Knitting Patterns

Due to ongoing issues with accessibility on the Ravelry site, I have made my patterns available in a new pattern store on the Payhip Platform. You can also see them in the Granary Knits pattern store on Ravelry.





Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves


Harden Moss


Autumn Beech

Whitley Common Shawl

Sock Yarn Shawl : Free Pattern

The Wind That Shakes The Barley

Temperature Pi Blanket : Free Pattern

Wild Geese Hap

Snake’s Heid

Votic Hat

Diagoniella Cowl

Raspberry Pi Shawl

Chicken Knitting Collection 1

Chicken Knitting 1 is a collection of four patterns each featuring a feather motif based upon the colours and shapes of feathers seen in my flock of hens. Each of the patterns can be bought separately as well as in the collection.

Fisherman’s Rib Hat

Linen Stitch Cowl : Free Pattern

Sock Yarn Mittens : Free Pattern

Coming Soon

Weeds – a collection of five tams inspired by the beauty of common garden weeds

Royd Moor Shawl, the first shawl in my new Yorkshire Collection.

Plus news of forthcoming attractions: Willow Cowl, Swifts Tam, and lots of shawls!