Owl Knitting Stitch Marker


A knitting stitch marker in the shape of an owl.

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This beautifully detailed owl charm stitch marker will enhance your knitting process, and help you keep track of your pattern repeats.

This listing is for a single knitting stitch marker in the shape of an owl sitting on a branch. This is a large charm (the marker is 40mm long in total – see the photographs above), with good weight and balance.

You will receive a knitting stitch marker as shown; the single-sided charm is made from zinc alloy and is free of nickel, cadmium and lead; the rings are made from silver-plated copper wire. Each ring is soldered closed so that the ring will not snag on your knitting whilst you are using it. The solder used is lead free.

The large ring measures 8mm across, and is suitable for use on knitting needles up to 6mm (US size 10, UK Imperial size 4). As a lace knitter myself, I have found this size to be the most comfortable to use, and the charms provide a little weight and interest to the knitting process.

Many commercially produced stitch markers use jump rings made from wire that is too thin and quickly become misshapen; my stitch markers are made from 1mm wire that maintains its shape in use. Many stitch markers are not soldered closed, so that the yarn is easily snagged; my stitch markers are soldered so that there is no gap in the ring to snag your yarn.

The charm used for this marker is single-sided, as shown.


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