Do-It-Yourself Five Charm Crochet Stitch Marker Set


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Love the charm stitch markers but don’t know which one to buy? Have a mixed set! Zoom picture one to see the full choice on offer. In the pictures above, there are nine different charm stitch markers (picture two shows the number assigned to each charm). Simply choose the FIVE markers you want to make into your set, and list the numbers in your note to seller when you place the order. You can have 5 different charms; 4 the same and one different; 2 of one design plus two of another plus one of another; it is entirely your choice. All charms are composed of lead- and cadmium-free zinc alloy, with the exception of those marked below as Tibetan Silver. All charms are double sided, with the exception of the Hand of Fatima, which is single sided.

1. Open Angel Wing
2. Chicken
3. Small Pointed Heart (Tibetan Silver)
4. Small Rounded Heart
5. Small Heart with paw mark
6. Sheep
7. Teardrop
8. Feathered Angel Wing (Tibetan Silver)
9. Hand of Fatima, Hamsa Hand

Add jewellery and fun to your knitting and enhance your knitting process with this set of charm stitch markers.

This listing is for a set of five crochet stitch markers; you choose which ones make up your set.

You will receive the set of five crochet stitch markers of your choice. The ring and lobster clasp are made from silver-plated copper; each ring is soldered closed so that the ring will not snag on your crochet whilst you are using it. The solder used is lead free.

The lobster clasp is approximately 5mm in diameter and has an opening size of 2.5mm; it is therefore only suitable for use as a knitting travelling stitch marker on needles of 2.5mm or smaller, although as a clip-on marker for crochet it can be used on any size of yarn.

When new, you may find that the lobster clasp is a little stiff, but will loosen up with use.

Each of the charms is available as a single stitch marker, see separate listings.



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