Deep in the Forest Crochet Stitch Marker Set


A set of crochet stitch markers celebrating the forest.

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A lovely set of unique crochet stitch markers/progress keepers. Deep in the Forest . . . something stirs! Leaves rustle, owls hoot, trees reach their branches  towards the moon. This fabulous set of tools is an ideal gift for a knitter or crocheter.

This listing is for a set of six crochet stitch markers; each marker is different:

A majestic tree, single-sided zinc alloy charm, sits in a clearing.
An owl charm, double-sided Tibetan silver, sits on two elegant, clear Smoky Quartz rondelle (flattened round) beads.
An acorn charm dangles beneath two gorgeous green Aventurine rondelles separated by a flat Tibetan silver spacer.
A small double-sided leaf drifts beneath a column of glorious green iridescent and crackle beads.
A Tibetan silver pine cone hangs beneath two green faceted round glass beads that glitter as the light catches them.
Finally, four lovely Fancy Jasper chips form a perfect column of milky greens and earthy tones.

You will receive the six stitch markers as shown and described above; all charms are zinc alloy or Tibetan silver and are free of nickel, cadmium and lead; the jump rings are made from silver-plated copper wire soldered closed with lead-free low temperature silver solder. The lobster clasp is silver plated copper.

A travelling/locking/crochet stitch marker is used in knitting patterns where the marker needs to be moved even though the knitter has not reached the marker in order to be able to slip it. They can also be used to clip to the knitted fabric to indicate, for instance, the right side of the garter-stitch fabric or a specific row, and they are invaluable in crochet for marking the beginning of a round.

The lobster clasp is approximately 5mm in diameter and has an opening size of 2.5mm; it is therefore only suitable for use as a knitting travelling stitch marker on needles of 2.5mm or smaller, although as a clip-on marker for crochet it can be used with any size of hook or yarn.

When new, you may find that the lobster clasp is a little stiff, but it will loosen up with use.

The charms used for these markers are a mixture of double- and single-sided.


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