Chicken Knitting Collection – Digital Download


A collection of four colourwork patterns designed around the theme of chickens. Digital Download.


Of all animals, I think I have always like birds the best, probably influenced by my Mother, who kept Zebra Finches, Canaries, and Lovebirds, and avidly watched the wild birds in her garden. She even had a Silkie cockerel, rescued from a school egg-hatching program and given the run of the house and garden for many years. It was not until 2007 that I kept any birds of my own, and I started with hens. I liked the idea of fresh eggs for breakfast, but the day we acquired Hetty, Betty, and Letty, was the day I lost my heart to them. As soon as I held one in my arms, I was smitten, and the longer I have kept them, and the better I understand them, the more I see their individual characters, their behavioural traits, their likes and dislikes, their amazing colouring, the variation of comb and wattle shapes, their unique song.
When I started designing knitted textiles, my flock of hens (and one cockerel) featured very prominently in my inspiration.
This collection of patterns is a result of that inspiration, and covers the stranded colourwork designs; there will be other collections in the future featuring lace and texture inspirations. The collection consists of a beanie/toque, fingerless and full mittens, and a cowl, all featuring the same feather design in three different colourways.

This collection is presented as 4 separate downloadable pdf files, one for each pattern. Each pattern is designed around the same three colourway options. You can buy any of the patterns separately, but buying the collection gives you a small discount.

Feather Cap Beanie
Feather Cowl
Feather Full mittens
Feather Fingerless Mittens


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